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Upcoming fashion events in September 2013

If you need some stylish ideas for Spring or Autumn, the latest fashion events promise to offer stylish and sizzling hot sensational items. Fashion designers have got plenty of creative ideas, and they sketch designs, select amazing patterns and fabrics and put into motion the making of their items. Whatever your personal style preferences are, they bring their new fashions to the attention of the public through fascinating and exciting fashion events.

Many Countries Hold September Fashion Events

Fashion events are held annually and sometimes even more often. They are held all around the world and the four most hyped fashion events are the

  • London Fashion Week
  • Paris Fashion Week
  • New York Fashion Week
  • Milan Fashion Week

Fashion designers display their very latest collection, giving everyone a good idea of what’s hot and trendy for the season. New Zealand for instance has already been showcasing the creativity of their local designers for 13 years and their New Zealand Fashion Week, held in September, is the only international fashion event in New Zealand. Fashion’s Night Out is one of Australia’s most hyped fashion events on the fashion calender, and every year in September, Sydney attracts thousands of people who want to spend an evening with Vogue with live performances and fashion runways.

Fashion Events Attended by Global Buyers

Fashion events showcase the world’s most exclusive garments as well as the most expensive. The world’s most experienced and accomplished craftsmen showcase their wares, and the fashion events are attended by buyers from all over the world looking to buy clothes that they believe will appeal to the clientele who visit their stores. The events are also attended by journalists who want to be there to get shots of the all the show stoppers.

Some Fashion Events Stir up More Hype

It is the cosmopolitan atmosphere and buzz in London which makes London Fashion Week tickets highly desirable. Not only will you see established designers but new designers get the chance at a platform which displays their latest collections. To be held in Somerset House which is itself a major tourist attraction; the magnificent neo-classical building has more than 50 fountains in the courtyard and hosts open-air concerts, exhibitions as well as guided tours. The perfect venue for a fashion event of such stature.

London Fashion Week

London hosts two annual London Fashion Week shows, the first one in February and the other in September, and Somerset House will enjoy a magical week of fashion and exciting catwalk events. There are however, a number of other fashion exhibitions as well. The Retrospective Vintage Fashion Show, which sports clothing from top designs like Dior, Gucci, Mary Quant, Chanel and Givenchy among others exhibits clothing over a 60 year time period, from the 1920s on. The show provides a brilliant line up of styles from the past and some of their garments are also seen on the catwalks.

September London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week is not only about catwalk shows, cocktails and canapes, DJs, dancing and partying all add to the glamour and glitz. The schedule for the September London Fashion Week has been released and promises to be jam-packed with scintillating designs. Fashion designs from designers like J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou and others will be seen on the runways; in fact the event features more than 150 designers from around the world.
As one of the four four major fashion events in the fashion industry, it attracts buyers, celebrities and socialites from far and wide and promises to be a entertaining and profitable event. Designers will be able to show off their upcoming Spring collections and you will be able to get ideas on colours, prints and detailing.

The Open-to-the-Public Event an Alluring Draw-card

The reason there is so much hype around the London Fashion Week is that people have such a wonderful time: world-class designers, shows that run according to schedule, luxurious and attractive venues, British humour thrown in along with a light-hearted and festive atmosphere. Small wonder that concierge services have their hands full, taking care of all the visitors who flock to London in September.
Although the fashion show is by invite-only, the entire city is caught up in fashion mania as top models and celebrities are in town. They do however have an official open-to-the-public event, and this means travel services assist with customisable solutions for the multitudes of visitors wanting to be in London during the London Fashion Week.

The Fashion Event with the Most Hype

Any report on fashion events could never leave the London Fashion Week out. This is certainly one of the most hyped fashion events in September offering glamour, beauty, good looks, champagne and superb clothes all at once and much more. The fact that the London Fashion Week celebrates nearly 30 years of success and offers the very finest fashion is proof that this dazzling fashion event is the one that creates the most hype.

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