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Home collections

Not so long ago it was just big fashion houses that offered home collections. Today, however, nearly every chain store has its own. What is the phenomenon of home collections?

Home collections seem to have nothing to do with the fashion industry but just for an unexperienced eye. Actually, they are supposed to complement companies’ clothes collections and enable the customers to add a personal touch not only to their wardrobes but also homes. With a set of cozy fur pillows or a picture on the wall your home can look totally different!

What is it that home collections offer?

With a home collection you can literally decorate your whole house – you will find accessories for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, tableware, wallpapers, rugs, furniture, curtains, mirrors and last but not least a Christmas collection, so popular at this time of year. You will not only buy the decorations but also get some advice on how to dress the table or the Christmas tree, which colour of curtains is in this season and what gift will be best for your mother-in-law.

Different companies compete with each other to present the most beautiful display. The central part of every display is always a big bed with a bunch of pillows and cushions. Every customer passing by shall feel the need of jumping on the bed and plunging into the pillows. The pillows are carefully chosen to create a unique combination – animal pattern, natural, rock & roll, glamour, oriental, velvet… Everyone will find something that matches best their character, lifestyle or wardrobe.

Another part of the display no company can do without is a table, maybe the most representative part of every house. It’s there you spend time with your family, serve your guests and celebrate the most important moments of your life. On the table, apart from the cutlery, glasses and dinnerware you will also find napkins that match the tablecloth, napkin rings that match the occasion and other accessories, like flowers, candles and many others.

For some brands they have a collection that is smaller, such as a collection of throws, blankets, decorative pillows to complement their clothing line. Personally we love the cushions in the Couch Lovers Unite collection recently released by Odd Molly.
Choose those accessories which match your lifestyle or those which are the complete opposite in order to make a change!

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