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Trends in the fashion industry for fall 2013

When fall rolls around fashion enthusiasts usually get excited about what the brand new trends for the season are. Shopping for clothing is a favorite past time activity for many people and some people can never be seen putting on anything that is not in fashion. If you are such a person, then you can appreciate knowing what the latest fashion trends for the fall 2013for women are. People who know the right place to shop can ensure that they will get the hottest fashion trends for the season right as they hit the racks.
Below are the top items fashion lovers must have for their wardrobe:
Leggings – Leggings are slowly coming back into fashion lover’s wardrobes for the past couple of seasons and this fall is no different as leggings are returning with a vengeance. Get them in dark colors like black, mauve and chocolate. You can pair them up with tall boots and long tunic tops. A pair of flats and a long blouse makes for a good ensemble at the office. During chilly days, you can wear a cardigan over the top of your leggings in order to complete an outdoor look.


Have you ever collected gemstone jewelry hoping that the pieces will come back into style? Well, this is the time and one of the greatest trends is gemstone jewelry and it is a must have accessory for the fall. You can wear them as a broach on the neck of a shirt which has been buttoned up or for a night out you can wear long twisted chain. The brighter the gemstone jewelry the better it will be for the look you want to achieve. For those who do not have any gemstone, definitely it is the time to go to the fashion shops and get a few pieces.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets for the ladies are great in this fall. When the leaves on the trees have started to change, it is the time to wear the leather jacket. A leather jacket is one of the most versatile clothing pieces for women that a person can own. Whether your selection is the classic motorcycle jacket or even the quilted look, there are lots of unique ways of wearing leather jackets. Wear a leather jacket to finish your cocktail dress making you look hipper and younger or you can just pair it up with a white shirt and menswear pants for the office.
Those who really want to be in style should get a tuxedo jacket. The jacket can be worn with the leggings and a white shirt during the day at the office or one can wear a slinky tank top during a night out. Those who do not fancy the tuxedo type can have a nice black leather jacket in their collection this fall.

Leather accessories

Leather accessories in women’s clothing are going to be seen everywhere, from dresses to tops. Also there will be a timeless and conservative but very sexy leather shift sleeveless or a lady going bold with stretchy leggings made from leather. Both ways – leather material has diverged out from just being for jackets and coats. You can give all that you put on a bit of chic by using the leather jacket in an unexpected ways. It is a great way of expanding and waking up your fashion. A leather jacket with a great looking black dress, and pearls for a dressy expression can be worn this fall.

Classics to Own

From a classic white shirt to a fitted blazer, these fall basics will always be in style each year. The timeless pieces of ladies’ clothing are a great investment, because they can be mixed back with trends and can be worn every season and will certainly not go out of style.

It is great to be hip and trendy and to be in touch with the fashion trends of the season. If you want to update your 2013 fall wardrobe you can visit a clothing store and get the perfect pieces. Fashion trends for the fall 2013 in ladies’ clothing, have not changed much. And this is time for every fashion lover to build her classic wardrobe.

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