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Store of the month August 2013 – Odd Molly

Today, shopping online for products and goods has really become convenient and common. Buyers today do not have time of going to the local shop in order to buy items for themselves. A majority of the working people now prefer to purchase goods online. Therefore, along with other household goods, people have also started to purchase clothes through many online clothing stores. A person can unearth a wide range of clothing types and styles such as street wear, casual wear, urban wear, ethnic wear, official wear and other styles online all within just few clicks.

The best thing about online clothing stores is the uniqueness in style and quality of their products. In many online stores, the clothes of the same brand are always cheaper when a person is purchasing online and also some online stores like OddMolly online store has unique and limited edition clothes which are trendy and very hard to find in the local markets. Many people do not like wearing the same clothes which other three or more people are wearing. You need to get something very unique, stylish and fashionable for your wardrobe. And OddMolly online store provide buyers with unique designer clothes.

Benefits you get when you shop at OddMolly online store

Great outlet

The odd molly outlet is something special. We recognise that right now there is a great sale and sometimes this part of the webshop is empty. But when the sale is on, this part of the site is vibrating.

Great display

The website has great display of the services they offer. For example they have a column displaying the new arrival clothes and buyers can check using the size and the colour of the clothing they want and this makes the search very easy for shoppers. The site also has a section displaying their collection and buyers can check on it to know what the store has. Since the in-fashion clothing normally comes in various designs and styles, so a person may not be sure of whether particular attire fit them or not. Thus, OddMolly online store also has a provision to visualize their clothes on how they will look on a particular person of a certain shape and size. So, to purchase the best clothing for yourself, ensure that you know the exact size that fits you perfect.

Payment Services

This online store displays all prices in the Web Shop in EUR, SEK, NOK, DKK, GBP or CHF depending on the country of the buyer. The store also accepts various payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Invoice, Internet Payment and Paypal depending on the country of the buyer.

Faulty Garments

The store has an option for those people who receive faulty garments which they want to claim. They can contact their customer service by e-mail or phone and will get help so long as the garment is not defected due to the customer’s conduct. A buyer will get a new item, a full refund or a discount for the faulty item and all the shipping costs.

Return Policy

Those who wish to return the items they have purchased from their Web Shop have the option of doing so within 14 days after they have received the clothing and will receive a full refund for the clothing, including the shipping charges. However, one is only allowed to return the item bought from the Shop if it is still in perfect condition.

Delivery Terms

The Web Shop ships the purchased items to all countries within the EU including the Aland Island and also Switzerland and Norway but promise to start to shipping to more countries very soon which is encouraging.

Security and Personal data

The company is personal data controller and works in ensuring that the privacy of the buyer is protected when using their services. And they have a policy which sets out how the buyer’s personal data will be protected and processed. The company does not pass on, sell or swap the client’s data to or with third parties to market outside the company.  The company stores the client’s data for as long as it is needed to perform their services, or for the time required by law. All these are beneficial to the buyer.

Card purchases

Online fraud has really been on the rise and in order to make card purchases with the company as secure as possible, the company sends the entire client’s information in encrypted form using Secure Sockets Layer, and this means that the data is normally passed through secure connections and that the clients card details can’t be read by external parties.

So in OddMolly online store, you will get a wide range of clothing available in all patterns, sizes, designs and colours as the items will be directly delivered to your doorstep from their warehouse itself.

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